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صحبت در مورد خرید _لباس خریدن-انگلیسی ها
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صحبت در مورد خرید _لباس خریدن-انگلیسی ها

بازدید : 1439


  ‘Window Shopping’

   هنگامی به کار میرود که فقط می حواهید ویترین ها را نگاه کنید و برنامه ای برای خرید از

از قبل ندارید

سوالات در مورد خرید لباس در فروشگاه لباس

“Where is the dressing room??”
“I can’t find my size here. Can you check if you have this in a size 4?”
“Do you have this in different colors???”
“Where are your jeans located?”
“Where is the red sweater on display in the window?”
“How much is  this skirt?”
“Are you going to have a sale soon?”
“Where is the matching shirt for this skirt?”
“When are you going to get more sizes?”
“I’m looking for a belt that will go with these pants.”
“Do you provide alteration here?”
“How much will it cost to get alternation done on these pants?”
“These pants are too long for me. Where can I get them altered?”
“How long does  it take?”
“When do you start selling summer clothing?”
“When will you be getting your summer line??”

جواب هایی که ممکن است از فروشنده بشنوید

“The dressing room is in the right back corner...”
“The dressing room is right over there...”
“All our jeans are located in the back wall.”
“We usually get a shipment every Thursday, so I would check back then.”
“We have alteration  here.”
“It costs seven dollars.”
“It takes one day. You can pick them up tomorrow if you drop it off now...”
“We’ll have our summer line on display in April.”

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