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صحبت در مورد احساس هیجان-انگلیسی

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عبارات عمومی در این مورد

“I’m getting excited for golf tomorrow.”

“I’m too excited to go to sleep now. Our trip tomorrow is going to be so fun.”

“We’re leaving for our camping trip tomorrow. I’m getting really excited.”

“Tomorrow is going to be an exciting day.”
“We’re finally moving into our first house. It’s a very exciting time for us.”
“I have an interview tomorrow. Although I am scared, it’s an exciting opportunity.”

“I’m excited to be here.”
“Your sister must be really excited about starting law school.”
“It’s really exciting thinking about the benefits people will gain from our project.”
“It’s exciting starting a small business.”
“I get excited thinking about how many people I will help.”

“Don’t get too excited. It’s not guaranteed yet.”
“I wouldn’t get excited yet. You still have one more match to play...”
“You didn’t get the job yet, so don’t get too excited about it.”


“I’m pretty fired up about tomorrow... Aren’t you excited too?”
“Are you feeling excited or scared about your interview tomorrow?”
“Do you get excited every time you get a phone number from a girl?”
“Is your brother excited about starting work?”
“Are you excited about your date tomorrow??”

بعضی اوقات احساس هیجان می تواند منفی باشد

“I don’t know what’s wrong with him. He’s always excited for no reason.”
“He’s too hyper. I don’t know why he’s excited about every little thing.”

hyper = زمانی استفاده می شود که فردی به شدت عصبانی باشد

“If you feel too excited, you won’t be able to sleep. Then you won’t perform that well tomorrow.”
“Calm down. You’re over reacting.”

“My friend can never go to sleep the day before we go skiing. He always gets too excited.”
“My dog gets excited whenever the doorbell rings.”
“People with heart problems shouldn’t get excited too often.”
“You should feel excited about this opportunity.”
“I don’t understand why you’re unhappy with your  situation. I’d feel excited to have your opportunity.”
“Going to a concert is very exciting. There are many people there with so much energy and it’s very fun.”
“It’s exciting to see a great singer perform so powerfully.”
“I’m excited about my trip to Europe. It’s going to be so fun.”

“I’m pretty pumped up about my trip to Australia. I’m really looking forward to it.”
“I’m pumped up about working out. I joined a health club and set a good schedule to follow.”

“It’s so thrilling skiing down the mountain real fast.”
“I’m thrilled thinking about buying a new car...”

“He’s a very enthusiastic person.”
“I wish I had as much enthusiasm as he does.”
“It’s always fun to be around an enthusiastic person.”

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