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Feeling Blue


این کلمات را در عبارات زیر می توانید ببنید

“He’s a little sad that Mark didn’t invite him to his birthday party.”
“She’s sad that she wasn’t selected as the representative.”
“I always cry during sad movies.”

“I’m feeling a little down.”
“I got a bad grade in my final exam. I’m just a little down...”
“Jack is feeling pretty down. Let’s take him out for a night of fun.”

“I feel so gloomy all the time.”
“I wish I was happy. I’m sick of feeling gloomy.”
“Let’s go to a bar. I’m feeling a bit gloomy.”

“I’m feeling a  little blue right now.”
“Jack hasn’t come out in a long time. He’s feeling a little blue. Let’s try to cheer him up.”

“I didn’t get my promotion from work. It’s depressing me.”
“Let’s go get drunk tonight. I’m feeling depressed.”
“Sometimes I feel depressed for no reason...”

گریه کردن در هنگامی که ناراحت هستید عکس العملی طبیعی است سوالات زیر را می توانید از کسی که این

عکس العمل را دارد بپرسید

“Why are you crying?”
“What’s wrong?”
“Why are you sad?”
“What’s bothering you?”
“Why do you feel so bad?”
“Why are you depressed?”
“What’s making you feel like this?”

عبارات دیگر

“Our team lost the final match. We were second place.”
“My mother is very sick right now. I’m worried and sad.”
“My grandmother is in the hospital. I don’t think she’s going to make it.”
“My uncle was diagnosed with cancer. The doctors don’t expect him to make it.”
“My cousin was killed in a car accident. It was the saddest thing in my life.”
“I trained so hard, but I didn’t make the wrestling team. I’m a little down.”
“I didn’t get into that University. I’m so depressed and my parents are going to be so disappointed.”
“My grandfather just passed away. I was so close to him.”

بعضی مواقع احساس ناراحتی تبدیل به احساس عصبانیت می شود برای مثال

“Korea lost the gold medal to the US. It was so depressing watching the US get away with another gold medal.”

“I’m getting sick of watching Korea get screwed by the Americans. It’s really discouraging.”

افسردگی یک بیماری است که باید درمان شود مواردی که به پزشک می گویید

“I’m always depressed for no reason.”
“I suffer from depression constantly.”
“I’m always depressed and I don’t know why...”

ممکن در مورد افسردگی با دوستانتان صحبت کنید

“I’m so depressed that I don’t know if it’s worth living any longer.”
“Can you do anything to help my depression?”

جواب هایی که می توانید به موارد بالا بدهید

“It’s not your fault and this is pretty serious. I think you should go see a doctor. I can go with you.”
“I think a doctor can really help your situation. We should go in and talk to one.”
“You know they have medication to help depression. I’ll help you look into it. What do you say?”

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